Educators, students, leaders and creators of the Brainpower Programs firmly believe that every
student is far more brilliant than they have ever realized… 


I’m Dr. Shari.

I did poorly in most of my classes in Elementary school all the way through High school.

It wasn’t until my Freshman year of college that realized that I just “think differently” than other people. I discovered that if I use memory tools, and learning tricks that I could hold massive amounts of information in my mind. Essentially, I “turned my brain on” and my learning capacity exploded.

This experience inspired my mission to let every struggling student know that there is hope.  Through thousands of hours working with students,  interviewing teachers and developing personalized study techniques, my understanding of roadblocks and struggles grew.  I developed, borrowed and tested learning and memory techniques.  After seeing powerfully consistent patterns of success, I began teaching and presenting on the topic.   The greatest blessing of this entire experience is that I have been in a position to watch the potential of thousands of students unfold.  I have seen hundreds of children get their first “A”  I have been touch, to my soul, by these experiences.

What I now know with absolute certainty is that the brain must be maximally engaged in learning, to achieve the greatest retention.  It must employ, visual, emotional and auditory stimuli.

In a nutshell: entertain the brain, and it is happy to work with you.

I learned that there are a myriad of learning styles.   There are not 3, there are not 7, their are as many learning styles as there are people on the planet yet there were common threads and these are the anchor of every Brainpower program:

Students must be empowered to explore they way they learn

They must be guided in the use and development of learning and memory tools.

Students must be given the responsibility to personalize these tools to truly make them their own.

I have created all of programs with a deep focus on the ease of  classroom implementation.    The programs include DvDs that invite students into this world and encourage them to explore their own learning inclinations. The exercises are geared to teach the students a personal responsibility for their own learning capacity as they inspire them to explore their own brilliance.

In the past 22 years, I have worked with thousands of students and educators to develop, pilot, and implement Brainpower programs that were built, entirely through the feedback and successes of inspired children.

I have had the great privilege to share and implement these programs with students as young as 8 years old to my friends of 101 yrs old,  from the students with special needs to the faculty of Ivy league institutions,   the irrefutable facts emerges:

EVERY STUDENT BENEFITS from the use of learning and memory tools.

My lifetime mission is to help the world understand that we are far more brilliant than we know…

that a “fully engaged” brain, learns and remembers most effectively…

that you have thousands of opportunities to enhance your learning capacity, every day and there are hundreds of tools to help you do so…

that each of us learns differently from the next and that the personalization of our learning tools and the exploration of our learning preferences is an imperative effort toward our success.  

It is a great responsibility with tremendous rewards.

Feel free to contact me, directly, with questions and for further information. I  will be honored to engage with you on this powerful journey.


Dr. Shari Sweetnam

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