“This Program is absolutely wonderful.  I could not believe the reactions of the students. My students’ scores jumped within the first week”  - Mrs. Caine Las Vegas, NV

“I was skeptical at first, but once I saw how my students reacted to the first few videos I thought,  ’I am DOING this!’  I am so glad I did, they LOVE the program and actually ASK to see the videos again!”  - Mrs. Evans Las Vegas.

“I have never seen scores jump, this quickly It is almost unbelievable”  Dean Tanner Mnpls, MN

Multiplication tables are like a schoolyard bully that keep torturing students until they are into their high school years.  The Multiplication Story can solve that problem Mr. Andrews

Dr. Shari’s program and “The Learning Toolbox” made me a better teacher. Understanding how the mind of a student EXPLODES when we tap into their creativity entirely changed the way I teach. Using the tools (and we use them every day) gives me the ability to reach and inspire these students in a way that I did not know was possible. I will use these tools for the rest of my career!”

Travis Underwood – HS Teacher


(re Multiplication story:)

“You can’t imagine it, my students ASK if they can watch the videos again.  I could not believe it.  Their scores  jumped within the week.  They actually draw the number characters on their notes for other classes. – Mr. E

“This program is incredible, just absolutely incredible.”

Bob Kelley – HS Teacher

“In six years I had not seen one student achieve 100% on one of my tests. This year, I have many students getting 100%. Previously failing students get high scores now. The students LOVE studying this way and we love Dr. Shari.”

Dave Anderson, Teacher

Dr. Shari returned to my class 3 months after training students to memorize random information. I was blown away. Their recall ability was 90% even though we did not look at the information again at all. If I can get my students to memorize everything this way, they will be able to ace anything.

Barbaba B. Teacher

My Students carry “The Learning Toolbox” to every class. They use it


T Crouch – High School Teacher

I felt I rarely had a chance to be creative but using these tools  totally energizes my class.

Dan Smythe – Middle School Teacher

In the training, saw 200 3rd graders learn information on a Medical school test and be able to recite it back perfectly and accurately. My teaching staff had to pick their jaws up off of the floor.

K. Konowalow – Principal

“Programs like this change lives. You must think “‘out of the box’ to reach students. This program can reach students”

Mr. Alfredo Tarin – Superintendent


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